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ru_l_e's Journal

RyoUchi Love Everywhere. BITCHES.
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♥ Welcome to ru_l_e, an lj community dedicated to the shiniest otp EVAH! ♥ This comm in dedicated to keep the RyoUchi alive despite our sufferings. *sobsobsob* First off, RULES. hahaha. nice pun.

♥ No Ryo x Ugly People. Because this is a RyoUchi comm. DURH. And Uchi is not ugly. He is very pretty.

♥ Tag posts properly so people can easily surf through the porn.

♥ No flaming of other fans. You can hate on RyoDa or RyoShige all you want but do not flame the fans themselves. Because we RyoUchi fans are martyrs of the universe m'kaayy?

♥ Share. Spread the smut/porn.

♥ Be courteous of the people who share their omgs RyoUchi rare smut vids or media, and reply with a thank you.

Well, that's all. Have fun and like rock on as RyoUchi fans!111 *headbang* ♥
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